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BEBE handcrafted bears of Alesya Losminskaya authorship


 02.08.2016  New bear in USSR Pioneers collection! 


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New bear in USSR Pioneers collection! Bear USSR PIONEER MASHA
with a dog

Bear height 30 cm
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  You can barely compare my Bears with just ordinary Teddy bears. Rough and neat materials used completely demolish sentimental dolls congeniality. As a final result we obtain Bear-The- Toy, an interior object of Art.
  All my bears are originals, no one is the same. Despite using heavy materials like leather and suede, I sew all the bears by hand. The noses are made from leather and the eyes of vintage or homemade buttons. I use nuts, bolts and homemade plywood disk components for the bears joints. The bears are then stuffed with sawdust to make them soft. The bears are then aged to give them a vintage appearance.
  I'm passionate about my bears having handmade and original accessories. Historical accuracy, the use of authentic materials and, of course the handywork re crucial to the authenticity and originality of each Bear creation.
  Every Bear has his own unique story, age, occupation, appearance and personality. He could be virtual or could have his origin among the real people. The common attribute of my Bears is defenitely that all of them are able to generously share their cordiality and embrace you with fantastic positive energy.

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